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Enduro II

Tour complaxitymedium
Tour quotaMax. 4
Enduro IIEnduro II


Moscow region, Dmitrov district

Tour description

You already passed Enduro I? You did some off-road riding before? Then you are ready for level two! We intensify the basics from Enduro I and we will move you further on. We will pick up speed, higher the difficulty of the riding situations and demands. We will work on your motorcycle handling in tricky situations and improve your overall feeling for the motorcycle. Our small groups allow the Instructor to concentrate on you personally, to give you special advise and tips. With Enduro II you are ready for the participation at the GS Camp, GS Day or at our Enduro Challenge.

Included in our tours

- Rental BMW F 800 GS with off-road tires (2,000 deductible)
- BMW Motorrad certified Tourguide / Instructor
- Coffee breaks
- Lunch

Not included in our tours

- Full safety gear
- All that is not mantioned above 



modelsingle roomdbl room sharingpassengerdeposit
BMW - F 800 GS€380

Tour number: 2429

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